Some Reviews:

Some Reviews:

Some Reviews:

"Listening to your podcast!! You guys are awesome together! I could listen to your advice all day"

"Needed this reminder today"

"It's brilliant. i'm sending to all of the people i care about"

So proud to know people who openly talk about mental health and are actively breaking down the stigma of it"

"This is truly just what i needed this morning. I stan two badass women who can talk so openly about mental health"

"Thank YOU both 💕 I can’t wait for you girls to share more with us. You are going to change so many people’s days!!"

"Words cannot describe how powerful, insightful, smart, funny, vulnerable, etc. this podcast is. incredible work. well done.""Listening to your podcast!! You guys are awesome together! I could listen to your advice all day"

Some Reviews:

Some Reviews:

"This is the realest best shit ever I’m so so so happy for you. It’s so great and cool and BRAVE"

"I know I don’t know you both personally. Thank you girls for embarking on this journey and putting yourseves out there. This resonates with me so much because both of you are brave and vulnerable enough to share your thoughts and let people know that it is ok to talk about mental health openly. Thank you for sharing this."

"I struggle with these issues, I'll be happy WHEN. Always so nice to be reminded that we all have these feelings...Would love to get on that someday with you! I had a lot of health issues when I had to leave SU and still deal with them, and as they bc can hold me back from doing what I want, I get very caught up in what I see people posting. Thinking, wow they've really made it, etc. It's important that you are creating a space to debunk these myths and remind us, were all human at the end of the day!"

"It's nice to know there are people who understand"

"Congrats! Loving it ❤️"

Some Reviews:

"Killing it! i work in mental health and they're so spot on!"

"I am not ashamed to admit that my mental health has been struggling for... well, awhile now. i feel like it is spiraling out of control and i cannot get a grip on my daily thoughts. and most of all, i feel really alone in all of it. i know other people struggle, but they don't have the same struggles as me and therefore; i'm alone. but then i listened to this podcast and it truly changed so much for me. my perspective on mental health, how i look at it, how i look at other peoples struggles, how highlight reels play into and effect all of this. one single 45 minute podcast brought me hope today. there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. i'm sharing not because i want the world to see i am struggling, but because if you're struggling maybe this could bring you hope too. you're not alone. i'm not alone."

"I love your podcast!! Also like wtf is happiness"

"It's fine i'm fine is literally something i say daily"